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What Features Of Samsung 1080p HDTV Make It A Stand-out In The Industry?

Televisions are permanent fixtures in any household. This appliance has become a necessity for every family. Because of the demand for the TV, it is frequently a cause for innovations. Today is an era of high definition television sets. Samsung 1080p hdtv is a model that has been predominant in its industry. Samsung technology battles with other television brands such Sony, Hitachi, LG, Toshiba and many other tv manufacturing companies. One of its latest models – Samsung 1080p HDTV has gained positive feedbacks because of its quality video and audio.

Samsung is a trusted electronics company. Although it came years after other known brands, its engineers have come up with competitive electronics products.

Features of the Samsung 1080p HDTV

This model of television gives out one of the clearest resolution. The LCD picture is so bright you would not dare look any further. To the high resolution quality are the following features that make the model even more remarkable.

  • Three High Definition Multimedia Interface

The three HDMI connections convert the television into a multimedia center piece. To the rear connections, two of them for this model, you can connect your high definition digital devices such as disc players, game consoles and satellite disc components. The  third is used as a plug for cameras, camcorders and laptops. The HDMI is the best interface to display HD source.

  • LED Motion Plus

This feature scans from top to bottom the arrays of LED backlights. The picture is controlled automatically and adjusts to the fast movement of the images. This technology eliminates blurs that are common to the conventional LCD TV.

  • LED Local Dimming

The unit is equipped with multiple LED backlights. These are placed in a screen that automatically turns on and off in order to adjust the image quality. With this feature, the black becomes blacker and the white becomes more pronounced.

  • Smart Lighting

This technology allows for high contrast ratio and ultra-sharp black colors and the LED backlights results in more natural colors. The contrast ratio to give clear images is 500,000:1.

  • Wiselink USB Connection

This connection allows for listening to mp3s. It also displays files of photos and images from a digital camera. The USB 2.0 stick supports higher speed.

  • Consumer Electronic Control

This feature enables the user to control all devices connected to it with a single touch of the remote control. Such devices can be any A/V device like CD player, AV receiver, home theater with HDMI cable and game console.

  • Game mode

This additional feature is for video game fanatics. This will give better graphics and clearer audio.

  • Energy Star Compliant

Being energy star compliant makes this model environment friendly. It uses less energy thus it is very cost-saving.

The Samsung 1080p HDTV is one television model that any video enthusiast should dream of. From it, the viewer enjoys unprecedented clear and high resolution images. This makes viewing beyond compare!